About Us

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer ideal for learning about computing, Linux, interfacing with hardware such as sensors and actuators, as well as programming. It’s cheap, but powerful, and makes it possible to interact with the physical world.

Pi Guy offers an exciting range of training courses based on the Raspberry Pi credit card size computer platform. All the courses are designed with one thing in mind, making it easy to understand and apply what you learn. Learn Linux. Learn coding in Python. Learn basic electronics interfacing with hardware such as sensors and actuators, as well as programming. Learn how to integrate all of this into your next Raspberry Pi Project! Does not matter who you are, the beginner or intermediate, these courses will enable you in a fun and easy way, to advance into a higher understanding and practical implementation of the amazing technology behind this platform. These courses appeal to Makers, Engineers, Technologists, Home Tinkerers and anyone with an interest to build technical solutions including home automation and Internet Of Things on the internationally available Raspberry Pi computer platform.

All Pi Guy courses are typically run as day courses on Saturdays which appeals well to a wide market of individuals, from hobbyists to people stuck in corporate slavery. Course times are usually from 09h00 till 15h00 in either the Centurion or Randburg area and typically includes a light lunch.

Philip Booysen is the founder of Pi Guy, a business centrally focused around training and helping technology enthusiasts to master Linux, programming and electronics on the Raspberry Pi computer platform. The exciting field of Artificial Intelligence and how to grasp and apply Deep Learning in your life as hobbyist or professional has also been captured into one of the latest course offerings by Pi Guy.

Philip has 22 years experience in the IT ecosystem, more specifically with Open Source Software and Enterprise Linux. He started hacking the Raspberry Pi which is a small credit card size computer, in May 2012. He was one of the first official five people in Gauteng to own a Pi! He also has a startup called Fotolive based on the Raspberry Pi and is very well known in the Open Source Community as one of the very few Red Hat Certified Architects in SA.

Do you want to book out training courses to be run at your company or arrange for on-site training? Contact us so we can discuss these opportunities!